Holding Up the Sky


Sometimes, I feel as if I’m holding up the sky. The weight of it presses down on me, crushing me, squeezing the air from my lungs.


But everyone is deceived by my smile. No one sees through the façade to the real me, hidden deep inside. I’ve gotten good at pretending.


Then I met him.


And that’s when it all started to fall apart.





Old Blood (Graceborn #1)


For two thousand years the Shadow has slept in the Tainted Land, but when Asa O’Dair spills blood on its once-sacred soil, fulfilling an ancient prophecy, an evil long-thought vanquished begins to stir.


Now, Asa and his adoptive brother Kael must travel to the city-state of Asphodel, where treachery and dissent lurk within the ranks of the Graceborn, and they learn that a great and terrible destiny awaits them both.