How to make a fantasy map with GIMP

At the end of September, I put up online a map I had created for my WIP fantasy series Graceborn. I was touched by everyone’s enthusiasm and I received a LOAD of questions about how I made it. So here it is—the post I promised on how to make a fantasy map using GIMP!! >>

The Writers Tag: Let’s connect!

I’ve been tagged in the Writers Tag by Ari Meghlen and M.L. Davis! Thanks guys! Come join in the fun and learn more about me, my writing journey, and my WIPs. >>

MONTHLY UPDATE: October 2018

I am UTTERLY EXHAUSTED after this October! It’s been a month of uni assignments from hell, so my writing and reading progress hasn’t been great, but here I talk about what I HAVE managed to accomplish. Also: my thoughts on Kingdom of Ash and my favourite quote, so come and fangirl with me!! >>

NaNoWriMo 2018: A different kind of goal

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo in 2018? I am, but I’ve decided to adjust the rules the suit the fact that, for us Aussie students, November is also EXAM MONTH! Here I reveal my NaNo goal…and I’d love to hear all about yours!! >>