How to make character portraits with Rinmaru Games

Unlike some very fortunate writers, I am NOT also a drawer. This has been a cause for frustration when it comes to sketching my characters, but I have FINALLY found a way to bring my brain children to life! In this post, learn how to create anime portraits of your characters with Rinmaru Games. >>

Firsts & favourites: Books with LGBT+ themes

To celebrate 🏳️‍🌈Pride Month, I share some of my favourite LGBT+ books and those that played an early role in my LGBT+ reading experience. What LGBT+ books are significant to you? >>

#LGBTWIP: 31 things to know about Holding Up the Sky

Last month, I participated in the #LGBTWIP event on Twitter. It was a rewarding experience and a resounding success, so I thought I’d share my responses on my blog! Here are 31 things to know about my YA contemporary novel Holding Up the Sky. >>


May 2018 has passed in a blur of university reports, crises at work, and increasingly chilly weather. As a result, motivation levels have been low and fatigue levels high…but I’ve still managed to read and write and blog and do all sorts of other things. Find out more here! >>