What makes a book cover a GOOD book cover?

I am an unapologetic cover snob. When it comes to books, one way to catch my eye is to dress them up in pretty clothes. But what, exactly, makes a book cover a GOOD book cover? This is my take on it all! >>

How to make a “mock cover” for your WIP

One of my favourite things to do—and one of my favourite ways to procrastinate from actually writing—is to create “mock covers” for my WIPs…and today I share the process I use when crafting them! Do you make covers for your WIPs? >>


August 2018 has been BUSY BUSY BUSY! I’ve celebrated not one but TWO birthdays, made some excellent writing progress, and read MANY more books than I intended. Find out all the details, as well as my favourite bookish quote, in this month’s update post! >>

Old Blood: *New* title + cover + excerpt!

If you’ve been following my blog and/or reading my posts, you’ve probably heard me mention my WIP fantasy series and its first book, Old Blood. Today, I am announcing Old Blood‘s NEW TITLE and presenting its NEW MOCK COVER, and to celebrate I also have a BRAND NEW EXCERPT for you. So come and check it out!! >>