Playing God: Let there be light! // Writing a creation story

Today, we head right back to the beginning and take a look at writing creation stores: what they are, why they’re important in high fantasy, and what different types of “creation myth” are out there. Includes a sneak preview at the creation story in my WIP—and I’d love to hear about yours! >>

Ruined it! The novels I studied in high school

This may come as a surprise, but I hated studying books at school. We always managed to butcher them. Today I take a brief look at the six novels we ruined and my fleeting memories of each. What books did YOU study in high school? >>

5 web tabs to keep open while writing

The internet is a writer’s greatest resource! It has SO MANY uses, and today I discuss the five key websites I almost always have open in my web browser when I actually sit down to write. What tabs do YOU keep open while writing? >>

MONTHLY UPDATE: September 2018

This September, I mastered the art of procrastination—from my uni assignments, that is. I read a ton of excellent books and made some great progress on my WIPs. Find out all the details, including my new Graceborn map, in this month’s update post! >>