My Grand Tour of Europe: Switzerland

The all-too-brief third stage of my “Grand Tour of Europe” saw me through the alpine regions of Switzerland. Check out some of the grand scenery and its associated bookish themes! >>

My Grand Tour of Europe: France

The second leg of my “Grand Tour of Europe” took me through France, from the WW1 battlefields of the north to the Alps in the east. See some of the spectacular places I’ve visited…and the books they remind me of. >>


June 2018 has been exam month, so a large proportion of the last few weeks has been focused on study…though I did console myself by reading eight books! Find out what I read, what progress I made with my writing, and much more in June’s monthly update post! >>

My Grand Tour of Europe: London

And so, like Monty and Percy and Felicity, I embark on my very own “Grand Tour of Europe”! To celebrate this long-awaited trip, I share with you some photos of the places I’ve visited to date…but these are “tourist” photos with a twist… >>