A day in my summer writing routine




What in the hell is that awful noise?


The alarm, I think. Is it the second alarm, or the third? Doesn’t matter really. Have to turn it off either way. This one is blaring at me from my desk across the room. Damn it. Reluctantly slip out of my blanket cocoon and stumble the two-point-five steps to my phone. Swipe left or right? Can’t remember. Turn off already! Stupid thing.


Up now, but still tired. Eyes feel like someone’s thrown sand in them. Awake, but I’m just going to lie back down for a few minutes. Just a few minutes, until my eyes stop hurting. Lids are so heavy. Close my eyes. Open them again. What’s the time? 11:48? BLOODY HELL IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Didn’t mean to go back to sleep. Really.




Shuffle out into the kitchen and make some breakfast. Pancakes or muesli? Pancakes. Definitely pancakes. In a bad mood now. Today was going to be The Day, you know? The Day I got up at a reasonable hour and went for a run before brekky. The Day all the not-fun stuff was done before 09:00. Except I turned off the alarm and lay back down. Again. I never learn.


Get dressed and fire up the laptop. Feeling guilty I didn’t go for that run, but it’s hot now. It’s 12:30, the middle of the day. Can’t go now. Have to go tomorrow. Maybe. Writing time now. Where did I leave off? Waste half an hour re-reading the last several pages I wrote. Not bad. Only a dozen cringe-worthy lines. Need to change that. But not now. Wait until the next draft. Yeah.


Write for a while. Feeling hungry. Need caffeine too. Minimise the doc (Dad’s a bit of a sticky beak, you see) and head back into the kitchen. Switch on the coffee machine. Good investment, the coffee machine. Open up the pantry. DAMN IT WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT! Make the coffee. Get a chocolate biscuit (because it’s clearly my only option) plus a peach from the fruit bowl. Fruit’s good. I can be healthy.



Nothing to eat. Clearly.


Back in my room now. Writing again. Hmm, is that concept historically/technologically/etc correct? Need to do a quick Google search. Quick. Uh huh. Side-tracked now. Another hour gone. Get back to writing already. Wasted most of the day. Feeling hungry again. Is that the time? Should have had lunch ages ago. Back into the kitchen. New Years’ resolution was to have a proper lunch every day but looks like that’s gone down the gurgler. Can’t be stuffed making something now. It’s almost afternoon tea time…


Smash out a few more words. Feeling guilty about not going for that run, though. Could go after dinner. Like that’s going to happen. Should go now then. Hot, but it’s summer so it’s always hot. Running clears the mind too. Fine. Get changed. Only plan to go a short way, maybe 5km. Start running. FAR OUT IT’S HOT 5km IS WAY TOO FAR. Been a while since I went for a run. Do 4km instead. Hit the 1.5km marker. Nah stuff it let’s turn around. 3km will do.


Back home. Hot. Miserable. Feel sick. Have a shower. Too tired to write anymore now. Find a book to read instead. Time for more coffee too. Coffee dehydrates you. Don’t care. Slump onto couch with book + coffee. Read. Read. Read. Dinner time. Eat on couch with family and TV on. Nice sociable family. Bond over scenes of mass murder. Good times.




Dinner’s done. Keep reading. Get a snack. Keep reading. Midnight. Make some tea. Book is almost done, so may as well finish it. Can’t put it down. Cliffhanger ending. Is the next one out on Kindle? Yes. Excellent. Brush teeth and get into bed. Download book two. 01:30? Just read the first chapter or so. Good, though. Good series. Now past 03:00 so should probably go to sleep. Turn out light. Great idea for new story. Turn on light. Write it down. Turn light off again. Lie there. SLEEP DAMNIT!


Close eyes. Try to relax. Mind buzzing. Roll over.


I think…


What in the hell is that awful noise?



So…I’m not always that productive. Can you relate to this? What quirks characterise your summer holiday writing routine?


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